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2018 Annual Meeting
The DSFSC  2018 Annual Meeting was held on Saturday February 10, 2018. In addition to the normal business meeting, Deer Springs Fire District Fire Chief Nick Brown, who was Operations Chief for the Lilac Fire, made a special presentation covering what has been learned from that recent fire. One of the take-home lessons was that defensible space is not always enough to save your home. Please see the latest Fire Safety News for more.
Large Animal Group Formed
This meeting also announced the formation of the DSFSC Large Animal Group. The group was in the formative stages before the Lilac Fire and that fire clearly demonstrated the need for education and action among large animal owners. Their mission is to "educate and inform large animal owners so they can make informed decisions and increase their chances of survival in the event of a wildfire."  Click on the "Large Animal Owners" button at the left to learn more about this group.
Large Animal Owners

Saturday March 24, 2018 at the Hidden Meadows Pavilion 10 a.m.
Keynote Speaker: D. J.  Gove of San Diego Animal Services.
Click here for the seminar flyer
Fire Safety News

The current chipping program is made possible by the Cooperative Fire Program of the US Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior, which provided a grant through the California Fire Safe Council.


 It has never been more important that you clear and maintain your defensible space around your home. We will make it easier for you. Examples of two chipping operations and the creation of defensible space may be found HERE and HERE.

Get details
HERE in the May 2015 Fire Safety News. Guidelines and homeowner requirements  may be found HERE.