WILDFIRE MITIGATION AWARD - A national award "established in 2014, the award is the highest commendation for innovation and leadership displayed by individuals and organizations committed to wildfire prepardness and mitigation according to the awards committee." The award was presented by the National Association of State Foresters, The International Association of Fire Chiefs, the United States Forest Service and the National Fire Protection Association.
OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP AWARD - was presented to DSFSC President Craig Cook by the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County.
CAL FIRE DIRECTOR'S AWARD - presented by Ken Pimlot, Director CAL FIRE.  “The Deer Springs Fire Safe Council has been exemplary in its commitment to the goals  of mitigating the risk and reducing the impact of unchecked wildfire, including securing grants, spearheading fuel breaks, and upgrading the capabilities of the fire service.” DSFSC is one of only two fire safe councils in the state of California to ever achieve this prestigious recognition.
 PROJECT OF THE YEAR - The Deer Springs Fire Safe Council was honored with  the "2012 Project of the Year" award at the annual awards ceremony hosted by the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County.  DSFSC won this award for the Moosa Canyon Fuel Reduction Project which spanned almost four years and was recognized for the cutting edge collaborative work with local, State and federal agencies.  Many high-ranking officials from fire prevention and suppression were present to acknowledge and support this award.
CERTIFICATES OF ACHIEVEMENT - In addition to the Project of the Year award, DSFSC was recognized with certificates of achievement by San Diego County Supervisors Bill Horn and Diane Jacob as well as by State Senator Joel Anderson. 

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