You Cut it......We Will Chip it

Youíve gone out and cleared brush from around your property to create defensible space and now you need to dispose of a pile of dead vegetation. The Deer Springs Fire Safe Council (DSFSC) can help with their "If you cut it....we'll chip it" program.

The program is funded by a grant from the state of California to help reduce the wildfire threat by chipping cleared vegetation throughout the district. Since the program's inception  in 2011, DSFSC has chipped more than half a million cubic feet of hazardous vegetation harvested by residents. And we do it free for property owners in the Deer Springs Fire Protection District.

Here is how it works. Property owners must cut and stack the vegetation so that it is accessible for the chipper an its truck. Then, DSFSC will provide a fully insured professional crew and equipment to chip it on site. You donít have to load it and haul it to a central location. It is important to note that this service is provided to homeowners to establish or improve the defensible space around their homes. It is not meant for landscape or agricultural trimmings.

There are a few requirements that protect the volunteers, professionals, and equipment:

1.     The program is restricted to residents of the Deer Springs Fire Protection District (map here).

2.     Material to be chipped must be piled in an orderly manner in a location accessible to the chipper and truck.

3.     A council volunteer will inspect the material prior to chipping to confirm it conforms to the guidelines and to estimate time required so we can use the day's chipping hours most efficiently.

The Deer Springs Fire Safe Council is a 501(c)(3) community service organization and council members who operate the chipping program are volunteers who are not compensated for their time. The council contracts with a trained, fully insured professional crew to operate the chipper. Although we offer this service at no cost, we do suggest that if you are happy with the service, a donation to DSFSC to continue our fire safety education projects would be greatly appreciated. We only exist through grants and donations.

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